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Shattered Glass and Tortured Metal

Even if you're new to Best People Movers world, you've probably heard that I do free mileage and accident checks for anyone in Australia who's interested. They're not free for me though. By paying 400 USD upfront for 100 checks, I've managed to bring the cost down from $15 AUD to just under $7 per [...]

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Japanese Car Imports: Nissan Elgrand E51 vs Elgrand E52

- with Jad Letcher So, you’re thinking about purchasing a Japanese import Nissan Elgrand but aren’t sure which model to get? Older = cheaper Nissan Elgrand E51 Vs New = expensive Nissan Elgrand E52? Newer models have all the bells and whistles, but older models are tried-and-tested reliable? It’s [...]

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Japanese Car Imports: Direct vs Custom import

Getting serious about buying a Japanese import? Let's have a look at a few ways how you can do it. There’re four ways to get yourself a freshly imported Japanese car in Australia: 1. PRIVATE IMPORT This option will suit a microscopic category of people that have lived in Japan (for example, skiing [...]

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Don’t be like Susan! (A Japanese import horror story from 2012)

Last week I had an unexpected call from my customer Susan. Susan bought her car from us in 2012 and I probably wouldn’t remember her by now, but she didn’t transfer into her name for a frightfully large period of time and I kept getting fines from the Victorian countryside, so the name stuck ԅ [...]

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To Trade or Not To Trade?

I’ve been selling cars for 12 years. Kinda crazy, right? Don’t know the exact number, but I’ve sold over 1000 JDM cars since 2007 (and I was testing waters as a backyard dealer for a few years before that). My number of trade-ins is a LOT smaller, less than 20 cars in 12 years. I never liked the [...]

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The world doesn’t need another boring motor dealer, right?

Today I’m starting my blog on Japanese Imports by sharing with you a fun list of all the JDM cars that I have owned with Igor since 1989 (yep, I've been stuck with the same guy since the evil empire/USSR times). So, we drove both in Russia and here (no particular order): MMC Pajero 1983 — All I rem [...]

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