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3 Common Rookie Mistakes When Buying an Import

In the world of fab Japanese imports, I often have to deal with a very special breed of clients. Bright eyed excited newbies. They’ve just found out about the imported cars from Japan and have been hit with a few truths: They don’t need to strain their bank account and buy a brand-new Kia to have [...]

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VICTORIAN ROADWORTHY: How to Transfer Estima or Elgrand Purchased in NSW. All You need to know

I’ve recently received an email from Anthony, who is looking to buy an Estima from NSW and has a few questions regarding VIC Roads transfer. I thought no one can give better answers than Jad, my new customer from Melbourne who purchased Nissan Elgrand and successfully transferred it in their names [...]

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How Much Does a Nissan Elgrand E52 Cost?

Nissan Elgrand E52s are allowed into Australia only up to May 2012. Despite the fact that they’ve been in production from August 2010, the prices can vary dramatically. Let’s have a look at a few 2010-2012 E52 examples from Sydney dealerships in March 2020: 1. The basic Highway Star 8 seats wit [...]

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