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How Much Does a Nissan Elgrand E52 Cost?

Nissan Elgrand E52s are allowed into Australia only up to May 2012.

Despite the fact that they’ve been in production from August 2010, the prices can vary dramatically.

Nissan Elgrand E52s

Let’s have a look at a few 2010-2012 E52 examples from Sydney dealerships in March 2020:

1. The basic Highway Star 8 seats with 180,000km retails around 18-20k.

2. The same Highway Star 8 seats with very low mileage can be as high as 27-30k mark.

3. The three prestigious 7 seats E52 models can easily retail above 40k, if the mileage is low and auction grade is high.

So, what do you need to know to navigate the ads with confidence and understand the pricing for E52 model?

There’re three main factors that affect the price tag: badge, auction grade and mileage.

I. Badge Hierarchy:

VIP, Rider and Highway Star Premium are the three super luxury E52 models with 7 seats, walk through and premium options. They are in limited numbers and cost a lot more.

Highway Star is their less expensive and most common 8-seater sibling with no walk through and no leg rests. To be fair, it still looks very advanced compared to anything else manufactured in 2010-2012 on the local market.

II. Auction grade

High auction grade indicates quality, good care by its previous owner, and a car’s top condition. Always expect to pay more for a vehicle with a high auction grade. Need more info? Click here to explore.

III. III. Mileage:

The lower the mileage, the higher the price.

As a potential customer, you need to be aware that our Australian market is full of cheap and clocked back Elgrands. Dealers and privates use this practice to maximize profits and outsell completion.

The best way to avoid buying a vehicle with “haircut” is to always ask a seller these questions:

- What was the auction grade of the car?

- Can I please see the Auction Report?

- Does it come with Original Export Certificate?

Don’t forget to mention you’re going to do odometer check via JOC (Japanese Odometer Check). It would be a good idea to educate yourself how to read and understand these documents.

The other factor that can influence the price is extra options. Cars with extra features are always going to be more expensive.

Standard features that come on all E52 models are Auto Doors, Proximity Entry and Start and 360 Cameras, Xenon lights, ABS brakes, Auto Climate Control front to rear.

Extra or WOW Features are Drop Down DVD, Auto Sunroofs, Memory Seats, Electric Heated front seats, Cool Box, Bose Sound System, Automatic Tailgate, Auto step (VIP only).

Unfortunately, some people shop purely on the cheapest price, therefore sacrificing quality, low maintenance and very often- genuine mileage. Inevitably this will lead to expensive repairs and waste of precious time and efforts in the long run.

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