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Japanese Car Imports: Nissan Elgrand E51 vs Elgrand E52

- with Jad Letcher So, you’re thinking about purchasing a Japanese import Nissan Elgrand but aren’t sure which model to get? Older = cheaper Nissan Elgrand E51 Vs New = expensive Nissan Elgrand E52? Newer models have all the bells and whistles, but older models are tried-and-tested reliable? It’s [...]

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Potential problems with the Toyota Estima

By guest blogger Brett Phillips So, you stumbled across what is rumoured to be the holy grail of all Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) people movers - the Toyota Estima. Luxurious. Stylish. Comfortable. Roomy. Powerful. Perfect. UNBREAKABLE! Well… most of those things, but it would be reckless to clai [...]

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