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Custom Import

You know when you are fussy about the exact Japanese import you want? You've done your research, you're opinionated about the wheels it should have, the color of its seats and floor mats. But once you go searching for this car you find yourself unable to get the exact match for months on end.

Why don't you download our FREE ADVICE "7 Steps to a Successful Import by Order" and find out how to easily get the car of your dreams.

Why is Custom ordering the best?

  • Buy exactly what you want – we’ll do the leg work and find you a heap of options
  • Buy at your budget – we’ll find the best car for your price range
  • Pay a small deposit – we also offer finance
  • Pay the balance after inspection – great security and peace of mind for you.

Here's a testimonial from my customer Matt who was burnt by a previous experience with a big dealership from Sydney.

"I was very hesitant to trust another company after my first negative importing experience. I can honestly say that my dealings with Natalia were an absolute delight. She walks the talk and delivers on what she promises - quality vehicles to the clients specifications with honest communication at all times. It’s a very rare to totally trust someone you have never met before and when you are about to spend a considerable amount of money. Thank you Natalia. We love our car."


Shoot me an email or let's jump on a call 02 9501 2918 and we discuss how to import that fab car for you.

All my BEST, Natalia