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Mileage Verification

I’m sure you’ve heard of it:

Not all low mileage Japanese imports offered for sale in Australia have genuine low kilometers.

Some of them are purchased cheaply and with high mileages/accident grades at the Japanese auctions and then illegally clocked back here to enjoy high margin.

How do you avoid vehicles with the “haircut”?

Your best verification shot is JOC*, however they’re not cheap ($100 +) and it will take a few days. If you have 2-3 cars in mind it can be an expensive and lengthy exercise.

First, I highly recommend doing this express check that really works. It takes only a few minutes and it’s absolutely free.

All you have to do is to openly tell a seller that you’re going to do your checks in Japan and ask them to email you the pictures of the following:

  1. Auction Report
  2. Export Certificate
  3. The Pink Compliance Plate (attached to the car)

Any importer should have those three within the arm’s reach. And if you’re given everything without a glitch and the VIN number matches, you can go into round two and organize a proper check.

If you hear “we have to ask our office in Japan” or “can’t find it” or there’s no reply, don’t waste your time and move on: something is wrong and you wouldn’t want to buy that car anyway.


Let me run you through the papers for my 2005 Nissan Elgrand E51 with genuine 52,668km, 4B grade and VIN number 6U90000E51116023.

Here’s what you would get by email from me:

1. Auction Report
mileage check, condition/grade check,
VIN number check

Auction Report


2. Export Certificate
mileage check, VIN number check

Export Certificate


3. Compliance Plate
Vin number check

Compliance Plate


I really hope this info makes sense and it will help you to shop safely.


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P.S. My gift to those hard-working people who made it to the very end of this page: send me the VIN number and I’ll do a free check for you 😊

P.P.S Not sure what is an auction report and how to read it? Click to learn a few basics here