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10 Random Facts

About me
  • 1. I was born in Soviet Union, in the small coastal town of Nakhodka in the Far East Russia. The town was closed off both for citizens and foreigners due to the heavy Navy presence, however we had the Japanese Embassy not far from my apartment.
  • 2. My love of all things Japanese started with my father. He worked for the shipping company, often at sea and abroad. He’d bring me wonderful gifts from his voyages to Japan.
  • 3. My first ever trip overseas was to Japan in 1993. I was the leader of the Russian Youth Delegation to Fukui Prefecture, Japan. For two hot summer weeks we travelled around picturesque Fukui in the fab air-conditioned bus that had a drop down TV (in 1993!) and was trimmed in red and gold velvet (!!!). That bus left a long lasting impression on me, for sure 😊. And I couldn’t stop noticing how cool Japanese cars were.
  • 4. My first car was a JDM* import Toyota Carina 1991, stolen at lunch from my office parking lot in Vladivostok just a few months after I bought it in 1996. No trace. Not insured. Ouch.
  • 5. I came to Australia with my husband in 2001 to study Photography at COFA, Sydney. To pay my high fees as international student, Igor partnered with a few people to import JDM cars. That partnership didn’t go well and neither the next one. However, he needed help due to his severe hearing disability plus another medical condition.
  • 6. Instead of becoming the next Annie Leibovitz (Hey, at least my car pictures are good and my medium format Mamiya is within reach), I joined forces with Igor to sell Japanese Imports. We registered our company in February 2007 and our daughter was born later the same year after many years of prayers (btw, I always wanted a little girl, boys are too energetic and you can't dress them up :).
  • 7. We started with the mainstream: Skylines, Supras, and Evolutions. I was particularly good at selling 4 doors Skylines 33-35: always had a special bond with the family buyers. Honestly, couldn’t stand those young tyre kickers in hoods (you know the type, right?), coming to test-drive en masse.
  • 8. My mechanics call me Blondie: I don’t get involved in any conversations on gaskets, wishbone bushes, sub-frames, etc. I don’t import cars that I wouldn’t drive myself and mainly stick to Nissan Elgrand and Toyota Estima. Have imported a few Nissan Skyline SUV by custom order. Looking forward to hybrid Toyota Alphard, when it comes down in price.
  • 9. Never learnt to ride a bike. I’m a bookworm and a confident blue runs skier. My top 5 ski resorts: Sochi (Russia), Crystal Mountain (USA), Treble Cone (Wanaka, NZ), Thredbo (AU) and Mount Blanc (FR). Igor would never agree to this last one (snow was too wet), but who cares when you’re next to the best pastries in the world!
  • 10. My big dreams in no particular order:
    • 2 weeks cruise to New Zealand with no reception
    • Wine river cruise in France (all the champagne cellars and whatever else is there) and Germany (their Riesling keeps calling me lately)
    • 3 days Copywriting Workshop in Italy with Laura Belgrave aka Talking Shrimp
    • Magic Metabolism

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All my BEST,
*JDM – Japanese Domestic Market