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Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Natalia, the co-owner and mastermind behind the Best People Movers operation. Here are 11 fun facts about me.

  • 1. I was born in Vladivostok, the uncrowned capital of JDM Imports* of Russia and former Soviet Republics, where a crazy number of Japanese vehicles landed before travelling further (North, West and South) in 1990s and 2000s. To buy a car in my city was easier than getting milk in a corner store.
  • 2. My first overseas trip was to Fukui Prefecture, Japan, where—at 22—I signed a few contracts with Nissan and Toyota. I can’t remember what exactly I was signing, most likely something on friendship between Vladivostok and Fukui since I was the leader of The Youth Delegation. (No more sake for Natalia-san after that trip!)

Fukui Prefecture - Japan

  • 3. My maiden auto was a cute 1989 Toyota Carina, stolen at lunch from my office soon after I imported it back in 1996. No trace. Not insured. OUCH!
  • 4. I came to Australia with my husband, Igor, in 2001 to study Photography at COFA, Sydney. To pay my high international student fees, Igor partnered with a few people to import JDM cars in Sydney.
  • 5. After graduation, instead of becoming the next Annie Lebovitz (hey, I was nominated for “The World’s Best 50 Emerging Artists” by COFA), I packed away my medium format Mamiya and applied for a motor dealer license. We registered our company in 2007 and our only daughter was born 9 months later.

About me

  • 6. For over 10 years, I’ve been receiving paperwork by mail addressed to: Blondie. This is how the guys from my compliance shop are poking fun at me for not being techy, but I'm a good sport about it. Why take it personally...I’m not even blond!
  • 7. I don’t believe in car yards. I work from a pretty office + five parking spots downstairs. There’s always a stash of Polish fudge Korowka in the fridge for emergencies. (Any time I’m in front of the camera qualifies as a fudge emergency.)
  • 8. I’m well known for my stand against fake mileage and low quality cars and also for customers’ education on how to verify mileage through our Facebook, IG and YouTube. I’ve also been running a FREE mileage check by VIN number for anyone who is buying or already purchased an import in Australia.
  • 9. My top 5pm drink is any good Riesling from South Australia. It’s like biting a green apple, just without the fibre and vitamins.
  • 10. Never learned to ride a bike. I’m a seasoned bookworm and a confident blue runs skier. My top 5 ski resorts: Crystal Mountain (USA), Sochi (Russia), Treble Cone (Wanaka, NZ), Thredbo (AU) and Mount Blanc (FR). Igor would never agree to this last one (snow was too wet), but who cares when you’re next to the best pastries in the world!
  • 11. My epic dreams are having more time for books, walks and getting cozy with my camera. Anyone know of a course on How to Binge on Caviar, Butter and Baguette and Lose Weight at the Same Time?



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All my BEST,


P. S. I don’t import cars that I wouldn’t drive myself and mainly stick to Nissan Elgrand and Toyota Estima. Have imported a few Nissan Skyline SUV, Nissan Serena and MMC Delica by custom order. Looking forward to importing glam hybrid models very soon.

*JDM – Japanese Domestic Market