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3 Common Rookie Mistakes When Buying an Import

In the world of fab Japanese imports, I often have to deal with a very special breed of clients. Bright eyed excited newbies. They’ve just found out about the imported cars from Japan and have been hit with a few truths: They don’t need to strain their bank account and buy a brand-new Kia to have [...]

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How to Read an Auction Report. You need those basics.

99.9% of all Japanese imports are sold through the auction houses, where each vehicle is issued an auction report with the grade. It’s a one-page card that lists make, model, VIN number, mileage, features and problems + other bits and pieces. Auction report comes in Japanese, however even if you d [...]

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Five Warning Signs You’re Reading a Fake Ad!

"I'm becoming increasingly agitated over the amount of total crap I'm reading. What is it about this particular vehicle that attracts bad sorts, from sleazy private importers bringing in auction rejects and repairable wrecks... and the full size car yards down Parramatta way... There are exterior ph [...]

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