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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding 17 Grades of Toyota Alphard 2015+ 30 series

by Esad Ismailov

Standard Aero

It seems like the Japanese engineers didn’t have anything better to do when working on the Alphard, so they came up with 17 different models. Here is the ULTIMATE guide that explains all of Toyota Alphard 2015 + 30 series grades.

Even identical models of cars can have different specifications and prices based on their grade, which can be confusing for some people. Selecting the right car for your needs can be challenging when considering the various grades.

In this article, we will present a comprehensive guide to the different grades of the Alphard, including their unique features, specifications, and prices for new and used cars. We will also provide information on features of some of Alphard’s models for a more informed comparison. This guide should serve as a valuable resource for your car selection process.

There are 17 different grades or models in total, and they are all different from the body type and accessories to the engine size and power.

We have two body types: Standard and Aero body type. Both body types are available with the hybrid and petrol only engine options.

Speaking of engine options, Alphard comes with 2.5L inline 4-cylinder and a 3.5L V6 petrol engines but the hybrid uses the same engine as the 2.5L model. The following models come with the 3.5L V6 engine: GF, Executive Lounge, SC, Executive Lounge S. All other models come with the 2.5L inline 4 engine.

Alphard [Normal body]

The standard model boasts a serene exterior, complemented by a robust front grille. The interior is equipped with features that ensure a comfortable journey. This model grade is categorized into seven types, with some offering seating for seven to eight passengers. Please refer to the table below for more details.

Model 2WD/4WD Seats Engine Size
X 2WD 7-seater 2.5L Inline 4
HYBRID X 4WD 7-seater/8-seater 2.5L Inline 4
G 2WD 7-seater 2.5L Inline 4
G HYBRID 4WD 7-seater 2.5L Inline 4
GF 2WD 7-seater 3.5L V6
HYBRID G “F Package” 4WD 7-seater 2.5L Inline 4
Executive Lounge 2WD 7-seater 3.5L V6

Alphard [Aero Body]

The aero model features a distinctive front face, bumper, and rear bumper, exuding a powerful impression and commanding presence. Its exterior and interior are sportier compared to the standard model, adding to its appeal. Like the standard model, it comes in seven grades and can accommodate seven to eight passengers. Please refer to the table below for more information.

Model 2WD/4WD Seats Engine Size
S 2WD 7-seater/8-seater 2.5L Inline 4
HYBRID S 4WD 7-seater 2.5L Inline 4
HYBRID SR 4WD 7-seater 2.5L Inline 4
S “C Package” 2WD 7-seater 2.5L Inline 4
HYBRID SR "C Package" 4WD 7-seater 2.5L Inline 4
SC 2WD 7-seater 3.5L V6
Executive Lounge S 2WD 7-seater 3.5L V6

With so many different options made by Toyota, let’s look into the features for each grade of Alphard available.


The X model is the base grade for both petrol and hybrid Alphard. If you are looking for an 8-seater, the X model is your solution (S model also) and it comes with fully automatic air conditioning, aluminium wheels and preventative safety equipment which is also found in the higher grade models. The X model is the cheapest of all as it is a base grade, but you can certainly enjoy the opportunity to add various aftermarket aero parts such as wheels or upgraded navigation and infotainment systems. The X model however doesn’t come with the adaptive high beam system and the triple LED headlights which are a characteristic of the Alphard, are replaced with dual LEDs for this model.

Hybrid Alphard

For models after January 2018, the second-generation preventive safety package, “Toyota Safety Sense,” has become a standard feature on all vehicles.

Interior illumination Figure 1 - Interior illumination

Seats position Figure 2 - Seats position

Leg rest or captain seat Figure 3 - Leg rest or captain seat

Seat tray Figure 4 - Seat tray

Optitron meter Figure 5 - Optitron meter

Pre-collision system Figure 6 - Pre-collision system

Toyota Safety Sense system Figure 7 - Toyota Safety Sense system

Pre-Crash Safety system

Pre-Crash Safety system

Pre-Crash Safety system

Pre-Crash Safety system Figure 8 - Pre-Crash Safety system

The standard features include Pre-Crash Safety, which not only identifies cars but also pedestrians (during both day and night) and cyclists (during the day) to aid in collision prevention; Lane Tracing Assist, which helps with the necessary steering actions to maintain the car within its lane, thereby further alleviating the driver’s workload; and Parking Support Brake (for approaching vehicles), which identifies vehicles approaching from the rear and assists in minimizing the impact of a collision.


This model is one level above the X and it comes with standard 17” wheels but what is noticeable is that the driver’s power seat and steering wheel are wrapped in a genuine leather and a metal brown wood finish giving the car a more luxurious feeling. Another noticeable difference is the seat upholstery which is different than the X model and it’s change from fabric to synthetic leather.

This model has power sliding doors on both sides whereas the X model has only one one side (even though it can be upgraded). The second row comes with more comfortable and relaxing captain seats and the headlights are equipped with the popular triple LED and LED sequential turn signals.

Triple LED and sequential turn signal Figure 9 - Triple LED and sequential turn signal

GF/HYBRID G “F Package”

The petrol only version comes with the powerful 3.5L V6 engine which you can enjoy driving with 301ps(221kW)/6600rpm or 361Nm. The seats are made of genuine leather with a luxurious feel alongside the 17” aluminium wheels and a large high grade console box comes with this model.

The back seats are equipped with executive (electric powered) seats and the rear cargo door can be automatically opened which is handy when your hands a full of shopping bags.

Executive Lounge / HYBRID Executive Lounge

These two models are the high-end models of the standard body. The LED headlights have been upgraded from two to three and sequential turn signals are installed both in the front and in the rear making the car look very distinctive and gorgeous.

The seats are made of genuine leather and the steering wheel is also wrapped in genuine leather with a wood grain pattern. The back seats are an executive lounge seat with an ottoman where you can stretch your legs and they come with a foldable table and a courtesy light. The back seats are equipped with a ventilation function that blows air from the backrest and seat, as well as comfortable heated seats, so you can stay comfortable even during harsh summer and winter conditions.

The odometer or the dash panel has a special Optitron meter, and the wheels come with a 17” sputtering paint which makes it look amazing and luxurious. The petrol only model comes with the 3.5L V6 engine.

By folding down the third-row seat, you can expand the luggage room and create a large cargo space. Instead of simply tilting the backrest forward, you can slide the seat itself to the side and fold it down to create a high, easy-to-use storage space.

There is also a large storage capacity of 148L under the floor, which boasts more storage capacity than it looks. The deck board of the underfloor storage is foldable, allowing for smooth loading and unloading of luggage.

Leather seat interior Figure 10 - Leather seat interior

Leather seat interior

Leather seat interior


The S model is identified as the fundamental grade, boasting an aerodynamic structure.

The vehicle's front and rear are equipped with aerodynamic bumpers that accentuate the car's breadth, and side mudguards are standard features.

The gasoline S model sports 18-inch wheels, while the hybrid S model is fitted with 17-inch hyper chrome wheels, lending the car a more assertive appearance. This model is the entry-level option among the aero models. It's equipped with all the essential features, like the X/HYBRID X, but it's worth noting that it lacks an adaptive high beam system.

Toyota Alphard

The vehicle features a unique bumper for the aero body, engineered to enhance the width of the car's front and sides. Side mudguards come as standard, and the interior seating is upholstered in fabric.

Hybrid SR

Based on the Hybrid S model, we have the steering wheel wrapped in genuine leather with a metal wood look and feel, and the seats are covered with synthetic leather as standard.

Another difference here is that the three eye LED headlights and front and rear sequential turn signals can be installed as options. Sometimes you may see the Hybrid SR model with different equipment when comparing two same models.

SA Package

The model is built on the foundation of the S model, which features an aerodynamic body and is powered by a 2.5 L gasoline engine.

The console box has undergone an upgrade from its standard version to a high-grade version. Previously optional features, such as the IR cut and water-repellent treatment for the front door glass, are now included as standard equipment.

The passenger seat is a unique feature of the S A package. It’s a super long slide seat that has the capability to adjust up to 1160 mm.

Interior space Figure 11 - Interior space

SC Package / HYBRID SR “C Package

SC package

The SC package, which is an upgrade from the SA package, boasts of 18-inch wheels that are stylishly designed with a cut-and-gloss finish and painted black.

It features a steering wheel that is not only wrapped in genuine leather but also adorned with metal wood decoration. As a comparison, standard equipment available in the C package but not available in the SR package includes a heated steering wheel, LED reading lights for the rear seats, and an AC 100V accessory outlet.

The seating is covered in synthetic leather, enhancing the comfort level.

The console box has been expanded to offer more storage space.

A significant distinction from other cars is the inclusion of executive power seats in the second row. These seats are equipped with an electric ottoman and a reclining function. Upholstered in genuine leather, these seats also have a folding table, adding to their practicality and ensuring a comfortable journey.

Despite the car’s heavier body, the hybrid power unit with a 2.5L inline 4-cylinder engine, compensates for it, delivering a driving experience that is both powerful and thrilling.


The SC is a model that replaces the 2.5L in-line 4-cylinder engine of the S "C Package" with a 3.5L V6 engine. The basic exterior and interior equipment remain the same, but the big difference is that it uses premium fuel instead of gasoline.

The engine has also been made larger, with maximum output now at 301ps/6,600rpm and maximum torque at 361N・m/4,600rpm~4,700rpm, allowing you to enjoy a more comfortable and powerful drive.

Executive Lounge S / HYBRID Executive Lounge S

If you are asking yourself, what is the top-grade of Alphard, the Executive Lounge S is the one. Alongside the Hybrid Executive Lounge S, these models come with aerodynamic body and are loaded with all sorts of equipment. Petrol vehicles are only available with the 3.5L V6 engine.

The aero parts that are representing the S model grade, as well as the chrome mouldings added to the side mudguards, can only be found in the Executive Lounge S. Everything is exclusive to this model, including the interior which comes in black and white colour scheme, silver woodgrain trim, and premium Nappa leather seats with antifouling treatment. As found on the other models, the second row is equipped with executive lounge seats with fixed lap rests, making the ride comfortable. The Executive Loung S is full on with a sense of luxury and is the top grade when it comes to Alphard models.

What grade is the best for me?

If you are looking for practicality that can accommodate the whole family, the base model X or Hybrid X are recommended as they are budget friendly and can be an 8-seater option.

If you’d like to enjoy the charm and luxury of business class, then the Hybrid GF package or SR C package could be the budget friendly choice.

If budget is not a limit, then the ultimate Executive Lounge model will make you enjoy a high level of satisfaction that you’d expect from a luxury minivan. Alphard’s appeal is not only the luxurious interior but also the imposing styling. Remember that we have the standard body and the Aero, which by the way you can optionally install the Aero body kit to a standard body.

The S A package and the SC package Alphard models stand out when we consider balance between extensive equipment, aerodynamic body, price and look and feel.

If you have any questions, suggestions or frustrations, please email me.

Safe roads!

Your JDM addict

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