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Seven Tips for a Smooth Sale of Your Old Vehicle

- Works wonders for private sale of local and imported cars when trade-ins are not an option.


One would think that I do all our car photography, since I studied visual arts (a shout out to all artists and COFA alumni out there) almost a quarter of a century ago.


I am not into taking pictures of large immobile objects using the same background over and over again.

It drives me NUTS.

My style is more of a dynamic documentary photography with a quirky twist.

This is exactly why I didn't have much luck as a wedding photographer at Alan Khan's in the early 2000's.

Who wants quirky wedding pictures?

Yet I do have a tiny talent of my own when it comes to the niche of Car Sales Photography & Advertising.

I can help you sell your car privately much quicker and for more $$$ with these easy to follow seven tips:

Spring clean

Tidy up your vehicle and get rid of all loose objects before taking pictures. Seriously, take out absolutely everything except for your child seats. But clean those too. Use professional detailing services if you can afford it.

Sun can make it or break it

Under no circumstances take photos in dimly lit garages or underground parkings. It alludes to hidden dead bodies in the boot and scares customers away.

Avoid overcast and gloomy weather. Wait till the sun is out and take your old girl to the nearest patch of greenery, a parking lot with an ocean view or somewhere else with an exciting background.

Here's an example from my customer Arsen.

Car Layout

See how these shots have a life’s-good vibe about them?

They speak volumes. Happy days, elevated everyday driving and exciting family road trips, where everyone is relaxed and super comfortable.

Moving on.

Choose a platform wisely

Advertise on reputable websites to get quality enquiries and serious buyers.

I wouldn't worry about gumtree or Facebook - you’ll just waste your time engaging in conversations with rough people that want your car for free, yet these platforms may work for some local makes & models. They’ll also work if you’re in a rush and don’t mind selling below market value.

$1 less Strategy

This tip is my favourite and works wonders every time: find the cheapest similar car in your make & model on that website and price your car at least $1 less – most people search “lowest to highest price”. This way your car ad will always be at the top of your potential customer’s list.

Highlight Strategy

Pay a bit extra to highlight your ad to stand out in a crowd, get more eyeballs and attract more genuine enquiries.

Cool points

When writing your ad, make sure to mention all high points about your car such as

  • Sunroof (or two if you’re selling a JDM people mover)
  • Mechanic husband
  • One lady owner
  • Always garaged
  • Spare proximity key
  • Near new or good brand tyres
  • Serviced every 5-10,000km
  • Long rego
  • Full log books
  • Apple Car Play
  • Never been smoked in

and whatever else applies to your car situation. Don’t be shy, spill the beans.

Original paperwork ex Japan

If you’re selling an imported vehicle from Japan, it’s always a good idea to include pictures of the Export Certificate and Auction Report in the ad to prove it hasn’t been clocked back and to verify its non-accident condition. It never hurts to mention you bought your car from a reputable dealership (if this is the case).

That’s it, folks!

Follow these super simple steps and you’re all set for a quick and painless sale of your pre-loved vehicle.

Before you go, don’t forget to check out what’s in stock and on water at Best People Movers:




If you have any questions, suggestions or frustrations, please email me.

Safe roads!

Your JDM addict

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