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Seven Tips for a Smooth Sale of Your Old Vehicle

- Works wonders for private sale of local and imported cars when trade-ins are not an option. Konichiwa. One would think that I do all our car photography, since I studied visual arts (a shout out to all artists and COFA alumni out there) almost a quarter of a century ago. Nope. I am not into t [...]

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Mitsubishi Delica Australia: Space Gear vs D5 Price Paradox

with Konstantin Alatortsev Why prices for the older 4th generation Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear keep climbing at the auctions in Japan (and here in Australia) from mid-2020 and the same situation will clearly be going well into 2022? Mitsubishi Delica has always been extremely popular and afforda [...]

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Why is Delica still an import favourite in Australia?

There’s something magical about discovering a new road. In the Australian Alps. At 100 km/h. Behind the wheel of a brand new limited-edition $1.6 million Nissan GT-R50. You’ve managed to secure that blue one with the gold accents and you’re on top of the world: the music is blasting, and the wind is [...]

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