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Seven Tips for a Smooth Sale of Your Old Vehicle

- Works wonders for private sale of local and imported cars when trade-ins are not an option. Konichiwa. One would think that I do all our car photography, since I studied visual arts (a shout out to all artists and COFA alumni out there) almost a quarter of a century ago. Nope. I am not into t [...]

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I hope this comparison puts a big smile on your face...   Feel free to Join my email list to stay connected + be in the know which vehicles are coming and which ones are going, which models are hot, and which are not and what’s happening in our import industry. Here’s what else you’ll get [...]

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New kid on the block: Toyota Voxy Review

by Konstantin Alatortsev You don’t see many of them around just yet. And it’s a shame considering how good these minivans are. You may have already heard the name but most likely know very little or nothing about this Toyota model. So let me introduce it to you. It is called Toyota Voxy and it is a [...]

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