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Pro’s and Con’s of Hybrid Vehicles

by Desmond Ong

Have you ever pondered what benefits you would receive if you acquired a hybrid vehicle? There are several publications available that outline the benefits and drawbacks of acquiring a hybrid car. Let me attempt to put things into perspective for you.

When shopping for a hybrid car, there are a few things to keep in mind. The usage is one of the most important aspects. What are your plans for the vehicle? Will you be doing a lot of long-distance travel, or will you be mostly doing school runs and transporting the kids to after-school activities?

Hybrid Vehicles

The Hybrid would be the type to choose if your usage is more of the latter, with more start-stop activities such as traffic lights and traffic jams. This will allow you to save fuel while still having enough power to get from point A to point B. If this sounds like your day-to-day life, then the Hybrid is definitely the choice for you.

The Estima hybrid is powered by a 2.4-liter engine, which is the smaller of the two engines available with the redesigned conventional Estima. It features improved intake and exhaust systems, as well as improved engine control, to increase engine speed and reduce friction for higher maximum power output and better fuel efficiency. At 4,000 rpm, the engine produces 110 kW (147 hp) of power and 190Nm of torque approximately. The front motor has a max power of 105 kW and is combined with a speed reduction gear to increase torque. The front motor produces a maximum torque of 270Nm approximately thanks to the speed reduction gear. (Toyota Introduces Redesigned Estima Hybrid Minivan in Japan, 2006).

Hybrid Vehicles

Because electric motors require zero rpm to reach maximum torque, combining an Internal Combustion Engine and an electric motor offers greater power and improved performance to a hybrid. There’s no need to be concerned about your battery running out of charge and leaving you stranded, because the Internal Combustion Engine is always there to give assistance and backup. In the case of Hybrid Electronic Vehicles, there’s no need to worry about charging because the vehicle recharges the battery on its own.

Most people have a few concerns regarding hybrid technology, one of which is whether it is beneficial for the environment. Will buying a hybrid vehicle help me save money? Is the Hybrid car troubled by problems? Will you have a high maintenance cost?

Hybrid Vehicles

Allow me to help you put your mind at ease by going through some of the Pros and Cons in further detail below to help you better understand the Hybrid technology.

Yes, it is beneficial to the environment, but it is not pollution-free. Although it is cleaner than 100% fossil fuels, the initial mining for the batteries is still not pollution-free. Yes, you will save money on fuel, but the maintenance costs may be higher if something goes wrong. Some individuals may find that Hybrid cars lack power and may not handle or turn as well as a conventional car due to the weight of the batteries and the difference in power output of the Internal Combustion Engine.

Batteries can be costly to replace if they need to be replaced, but this is rare occurrence unless the car is quite old. Another issue for pollution is the lack of recycling facilities for the disposal of old batteries. Another issue with High Voltage Batteries is that if they catch fire, they can burn extremely hot and are difficult to extinguish. Hybrids are only a band-aid for a broader problem, but they are nonetheless a solution to help mother nature.

One of the most significant challenges with these vehicles is the scarcity of qualified mechanics who are familiar with the technology and know what to do with them. With additional electronics, diagnosing and correcting problems becomes increasingly difficult. Due to the time spent resolving faults, this will result in a higher maintenance vehicle. However, all vehicles must be maintained, and non-hybrid cars have their own set of problems that can be difficult to resolve. Having said that, hybrid automobiles are considered to be rather durable with few faults; nevertheless, if any do arise, they should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Hybrid Vehicles

Some Hybrids are expensive to buy new, but thanks to increasing availability today, you can save money by directly importing good condition low mileage used Hybrid automobiles from Japan. This will lower the initial purchase price while still allowing you to make use of the benefits of hybrid technology.

So, should you invest in a hybrid car? Why not, I say?

You can play a role in making your vehicle more environmentally friendly. It may not be a world- saving answer, but every little bit helps. You generate less air pollution, sound pollution, and particle pollution, so supporting trees in their efforts to clean the air. You save money by spending less for gas, and you protect the environment by using less fossil fuels.

I hope the above article has cleared up any doubts you may have about hybrid cars and technology.

Every automotive design has advantages and disadvantages, and if your usage meets the criteria, there will be more advantages than disadvantages. So join the Hybrid party and do your part for the environment while driving in luxury, knowing that every kilometre you go benefits a good cause without sacrificing your criteria for a comfortable and amazing vehicle.

Hybrid Cars Pros Cons
Source: (Advantages & Disadvantages of Hybrid Cars, n.d.)

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