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Romance with Tono.

In my world of Japanese imports everyone wants a Tono. If Tono isn't there, drama unfolds: Oh noooo... how come it's not there? Why? Can you get us one? We can't drive like this...

To clarify: TONO Cover is OPTIONAL and not every Estima GSR50/55 comes with it. (Elgrand E52 should always come with one but sometimes they get missing.)


IMHO, it can be a potential hazard for clumsy people like me: such a hassle to open and close it and if I take it out and lean onto something, it will surely fall. With a bang. On someone's toes.

I recently discovered that it's also no good for… boating.

Last month me and my friend Alex packed most of the things for the picnic in the boot under the Tono cover, placed a few bags on the top of it and two hours later, in a hurry, we grabbed those bags on top and took off boating, leaving so many valuables behind, including swimmers and precious food supplies.

Jokes aside, it’s a very good thing to have as it allows you to have extra storage (perfect for hiding unapproved purchases (shhh) and Christmas + birthday presents).

If your vehicle came without one, you can always place an order with Jay from Autobase, however last time I checked he had a waiting list of 10 of those covers. If you’d rather buy a brand new one from Japan, let me know and I can arrange it for you.

P.S. Toyota Estima GSR50/55 with electric folding rear seats doesn’t come with Tono cover by default as its boot is slightly different size and it won’t fit.

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