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A Quick Review of 2012 – 2020 Nissan Serena in Australia

with Konstantin Alatortsev Did you know that Nissan Elgrand had a smaller sibling? They have only started showing up in Australian cities just recently.The name of this people mover comes from the Latin word "serēnus", meaning "clear, tranquil, pleasant".Australia, meet the Nissan Serena: a hybrid [...]

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2006 - 2016 Toyota Estima Australia: V6 or 2.4L engine?

by Brett Phillips So, should I get a Toyota Estima V6 or 2,4L engine – that’s the biggest decision, right?And ultimately, it all comes down to a choice between power and fuel economy, doesn’t it? Hold up right there! We have some super important info that has been all-too-often overlooked or [...]

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