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Nissan X-Trail vs. Toyota Estima

Have you ever been in a situation where you invite someone (your good customer) for a coffee, arrive 10 minutes early (to make sure you’ll order/pay) and realize you’re too late? There they are, sitting nicely and sipping their coffee, waiting for you?

Good Customer

That was my situation.

I recently had a catch up with Sure, my adventurous Estima customer, and a Sutherland Shire local. We talked kids, podcasts, houses, travels and Japanese imports, of course.

In their pre-best people movers days, Sure and Derek bought a top of the range Nissan X-Trail in 2014. The car suited their young family beautifully for a couple of years until they had a second baby and Sure’s parents moved in from China in 2017.

After the number of passengers doubled, it became mission impossible to sit everyone in their X-Trail. The two baby seats had taken up all of the space in the middle row, and Sure’s mum had to sit sideways (!) squashed between them. Her dad had to climb to his third row seat through the back as you couldn’t recline and move middle seat with the baby seat in it. There was hardly any boot space.

They solved all their car space problems by ditching the X-trail and buying a 2013 Estima from Best People Movers nearly 2 years ago. These days they drive around in comfort and go places nearly every weekend. Last year they travelled 4 kids + 4 adults for two weeks Sydney – Melbourne - Sydney (with all the luggage in the boot!).

Happy days!

The only thing missing was 360 around view camera (X-trail had it and their Estima had a reverse camera only) and she came up with an interesting solution.

They purchased 360 camera parts from the Chinese online giant TaoBao for $200 and their family friend (who is also a bus driver!) installed it for them. How cool is that? She also bought a nice resolution drop down screen for $300 (free install by the same genius bus driver friend).

So, what’s the moral of that story?

Friend, you can’t expand your 5+2 SUV… If your car is small and if there’s no space for everyone, you won’t be happy. Solution? Buy a fab and spacious JDM people mover and if needed make it even nicer (hello TaoBao and Google translator 😊)… and on the budget.

What are you waiting for? Let’s connect at and talk space and comfort in your car.

P.S. If you’re new to imports, don’t worry, all of them come with reverse cameras, some with side + reverse, some front +reverse and some with 360.

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