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New Cars Vs Used Cars?

Which one should you buy?

We find the Australian market continuously flooded with new model vehicles from the highly competitive Chinese, Korean and Japanese auto industries. From cheap ‘hot hatches’ to the most luxurious people movers and SUV’s, the options seem endless... But, where to begin when buying a new or used car? Buying a car can be an extremely stressful experience, just ask me, I’ll tell you! After several coffees and much vexation, I believe I have found a good solution! So, let me help you!

New Cars

Benefits of a new car?

Generally, people consider the following things to be good reasons to purchase a new car:

  1. Safety features and modern technologies.
  2. Dealership finance opportunities so the buyer can extend (or over extend..!) their budget to get those extras.
  3. Limited or capped service costs, warranties and various forms of cover.
  4. Purchasing from a dealer does offer protections because of consumer laws and regulations.
  5. New car smell (even though many find the ‘new car smell’ to be suffocating and full of cheap chemicals and scents).

Now, let’s be real for a minute… I reckon that when most people buy a new car, there’s at least a small part of their brain that says, ‘I’ll look good in that!’ Or, ‘that will make me look like I have lots of money.’ Or even, ‘my friends are going to be jealous.’ New cars are often a big statement about how ‘financially successful’ we are doing in life.

But! New cars aren’t all sunshine and rainbows! Perhaps you remember the Takata airbag recall that affected over 100 million cars globally including used and new vehicles! Recalls for various defective components or software in vehicles actually happen more often than you might think and even though a car may be new, never make the mistake of thinking it’s problem free.

Here’s why I don’t think anyone should buy a new car: as soon as you drive out of the car dealership, the car instantly depreciates in resale value which means that you are throwing thousands of dollars down the drain. Even the best and most reliable cars can only expect to hold 25-35% of their value over the course of the average lifespan of the car, which in Australia is about 10 years! When buying a new car you might think that you are going to hold on to the car you just purchased from the dealer and drive it until it’s being held together by ‘gaffa tape’ and bites the dust 30 years later but you’d be wrong...

Hey, sometimes circumstances change! Sometimes the wife has twins or triplets! (This may have happened to the author of this article…) Maybe an accident occurs, or a significant part fails, maybe deleterious financial changes, Covid19 anyone..?

The reality is that used cars serve a purpose and there are definitely tools and tricks every buyer should know in order to buy the best one possible.

Benefits of a used car?

This is where the real champ steps into the ring! The ‘cons’ of buying used cars are generally pretty obvious. No one wants to spend good, hard-earned money to end up with a lemon and purchasing from a private seller can be fraught with problems if you don’t know your way around cars:

  1. Has the vehicle been in an accident before?
  2. The seller gives a weird ‘vibe…’
  3. Roadworthy, registration and ‘surprise’ necessary fixes.
  4. Full service history?
  5. How many previous owners: one old lady or several hot blooded testosterone raging young men?
  6. Has the odometer been messed around with?
  7. Any unauthorised mechanical alterations?

There can seem to be many concerns but again, all is not lost! Allow me to give you some peace of mind.

People Movers?

Though large vehicles like people movers and SUVs are not everyone’s ‘cuppa tea,’ they are fast becoming the largest market in vehicle sales today and for very good reasons. They offer: comfort, room, versatility, competitive safety, power without necessarily losing economy, and tons of features and are generally pretty good looking with flashy rims and subtle lines.

That’s why I bought a used Japanese import people mover. A 2007 Nissan Elgrand. It offers:

  1. Tons of space.
  2. Tons of features, like a crazy amount of cool features…
  3. Flashy rims!
  4. Super comfortable.
  5. Enough power to cover a range of environments.
  6. Weight and load, whether towing or road tripping, are very viable.
  7. Tried and tested reliability and for an affordable price!
  8. Great for families with 2-5 kids which provides much more longevity.
  9. Servicing and parts are very affordable because many of the same components are used across the Nissan range. Same goes for the Toyota Estima.
  10. Great engine that is super durable with tried and tested performance and reliability.
  11. Bonus: Smells great!

What’s not to love about it? Someone who sits in an Elgrand or an Estima will quickly realise why these types of cars are highly sought after. Plus finding a used model in great condition is very doable thanks to the Japanese Import market.

New People Mover?

Kia Carnival’s are considered Australia’s No. 1 people mover because of their alleged practicality, safety and reliability. But, is this really true, sure they seem to sell a lot of units but perhaps this is more about marketing and branding than being the best car to buy… Even some of the most reliable makes and model vehicles can suffer from manufacturing faults and be recalled. This year’s 2020 model of the Kia Carnival is having more than 2000 vehicles recalled due to a safety issue that could potentially cause an engine fire! Why not go and buy something that you know is reliable and trustworthy.

Let us not forget that, as an example, I’m comparing a 2007 Elgrand with a 2020 Kia Carnival (excluding the Carnivals that are at risk of spontaneously combusting due to faulty alternator installation..!) :) But I digress, if we compare a 2015 Carnival with a 2007 Elgrand, hands down Elgrand wins out due to features and reliability and just general quality all round. Sure, Kia’s are known for reliable engines but so is Nissan and arguably has a much better pedigree here as well. Carnival No. 1..? I don’t think so...

Used People mover!

Used Japanese import cars like the Toyota Estima and the Nissan Elgrand offer amazing value, safety, reliability, power, technology, luxuries, good looks and comfort over and above their Australian manufactured counterparts. You don’t have to buy new to get all the modern conventions, quality and luxury and you can get it all for a great price! Hopefully this information helps you when considering what car to buy next!

So, if Japan has long been known for their engineering and mechanical prowess, why not benefit from this by purchasing your next car from a dealership that specialises in high quality, Japanese import people movers? You’ll look great and you’ll still make your friends jealous, I guarantee it!

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By Jad Letcher

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