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My 7 "Aha" moments from the Country of Warm Toilet Seats!

I’m back to work ... Trying to find my feet again and I can’t seem to find them: our trip to Japan was too good.

While waiting for my new stock (coming later this week), I thought I’d share with you my best “Aha” moments from Japan.

Aha moments

So, here we go:

1. Want to get great + affordable sushi in Tokyo?

Be ready to queue for at least 20min off-peak and much, much longer in the evening. Also, they eat sushi with hands up there and dip it with the fish side, not the rice side – that was a total revelation for all of us.

2. People with tattoos are not allowed into any public hot springs or “onsens”.

Any tattoos are associated with the Japanese Yakuza and Yakuza is illegal. (I’m sure the mafia doesn’t suffer from this rule and they enjoy their own luxury hot springs, tattoos and all. Poor Aussies, though, I think 2/3 of males aren’t eligible)

3. There’re so many cool people movers in Japan, especially Alphards.

I almost want to say “sh*tloads” of them, but I don’t use that word. Let’s just say, they are EVERYWHERE you look and in BIG numbers.

The most common ones are Toyotas: Alphards, Voxys, Estimas, and Noahs, then Nissans: Serenas (S-hybrid and E-Power), Elgrands (mainly E51s) and also Honda Stepwagons.

4. Had a tragic Cinderella’s-evil-sisters shoe experience at the shops.

My innocent 38,5 doesn’t exist over there! And when I tried to fit into a ski jacket, they sent me to the men’s section, not joking. *

5. Fancy Nancy Toilets

It seems all toilets in Japan, including public bathrooms, have fancy heated seats + music + water features 😊, even on the slopes of Hakuba. At least I haven’t seen a single “ordinary” one. Nearly bought a heated seat cover for us (with 220V and cheap) but Igor put his foot down and ruined my fun.

6. Shoe–less restaurants are fun!

You put your shoes into the locker and get slippers. If you’re seated on the floor, there is actually a convenient hole for your legs. That's me and Ksenia demonstrating in the picture.

7. In love with the Tokyo Taxi – funky black hybrids.

Introduced last year in Tokyo for the Olympics. Brand new, non-stinky, roomy, TV included, all the latest tech. Swish!

Hope you enjoyed. You can see my best pictures from the trip on my IG account. Look for “Japan 2020” highlight.

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Your JDM addict

P.S. Oh, ok, I’ll give you two more fun facts: children are not allowed to go to school without a tooth brush (for compulsory teeth brushing after lunch) and although there’re like 37 mil people in Greater Tokyo, we hadn’t seen a single traffic jam!

* I got a pair of cute winter gloves and a scarf out of desperation, didn’t need either of them, but both fit perfectly (cos one size fits all!).