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How often do you get an email from a customer (or just anyone) that makes you laugh your head off? It doesn’t happen to me very often. This one below is a gem too good to keep it to myself.

My customer Brett from Bega kindly shared his thoughts on the Toyota Estima GSR50 they purchased from Best People Movers more than 2 years ago. (Yes, I love to keep in touch with my clients and torture them with my marketing exercises from time to time).

Here we go!

Gadget Estima


— How did you find out about Japanese Imports?

— I had no idea about Japanese or "grey" imports until I was actively looking for a replacement for our old 8-seater Tarago (2001). My first exposure was when I stumbled across some website with impressive videos demoing the Estima and Elgrand features. That dealer, I've since learned, is one that I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole, but thanks mate for convincing me to buy an Estima!

— If Estima didn't exist in our market, what make and model would you buy instead?

— The only other cars in our price range were older and more standard vehicles, such as the Mitsubishi Starwagon, Toyota Spacia, Kia Carnival (*shudder*) or Tarago’s with very high kms.

— What swayed you towards Estima?

— We love our Tarago, but the local car yards were selling second-hand newer models for $35k+ — way way out of our range. When I saw the features, age and low kms on Estimas advertised around the country, it piqued my interest. Before long I was making enquiries on and other sites, and eventually found who I felt to be a trusty Estima dealer.

— What was happening in your life when you decided to change the car?

— We had an ageing Tarago with pretty high kms (we actually still use it as our second vehicle and "enclosed ute"). We were a 5-child family at that stage, so the 7-seater was still workable. But we kinda jinxed ourselves, as a few months after buying the Estima we discovered we'd be welcoming Number Six into the world. Woops! Luckily, our oldest has his own car now.

— When you saw and test drove Estima for the first time, was it what you expected? Any nice surprises?

— My test drive was driving it 600km back home! I was just enraptured by the whole experience... The all-electric features have always been a hit with the kids, their friends and any uppity people we want to park next to and show up. We haven't stopped being surprised by new things. It's such a Japanese car —so gadgety.

— If you have to sell it now, what would you regret the most? What feature, etc?

— I wouldn't miss anything, because I'd be buying another Estima! I'm not going back.

— Would you recommend this car to your friends/family? Why?

— Absolutely, because you can keep having babies and fill it up. You also move up the social ladder in a kind of devious way — you don't need to be rich. Japanese keep their cars very tidy, their roads are perfect, so no undercarriage damage. You get all the gadgets, fancy features etc at less than the price of the Australian Tarago with their standard poverty pack features. Estima any day thanks!

— What could be better done in this car for you? Does it lack something you would really enjoy?

— I'm happy with the features. I've already got something way above my price range. If I had extra cash, I'd get a tow bar and upgrade the Japanese media unit to an English one. I'd also install small vacuum cleaners on each step that sucked beach sand off kids as they enter the vehicle. That's all!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! If you’re already my Estima or Elgrand customer, please share your experience. I’d love to hear from you.

And if you’ve been choosing between an Estima and Tarago/anything-else-non-JDM (*shudder*), I hope this email helped you to make the right decision 😉. Let’s get you a fab car!

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