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Honesty Is King

We believe that you don’t need to be loaded with money to own an upmarket family car.

Lifestyle minivans made in Japan are unique, fully optioned, reliable, fun to drive, yet so affordable. They rock!

We also believe that honesty is king.

In the list below, you won’t find any fake "low mileage" cars with worn out seats that scream, “I was clocked back”. You also won't find neglected or hidden accident grade (R or RA) vehicles that start falling apart on the way home.

Rather than going big (with high running costs and an average/ poor quality product), we made our choice to stay small and invest all our money into premium quality so you can have years of stress-free ownership and maximum enjoyment.

Business as usual for a few months only. No more crowd pleasers such as Nissan Elgrand, Toyota Estima (non-hybrid) and MMC Delica after 30 March 2022. You can read all information here.

If your budget is around $15,000 and under, feel free to contact me at info@bestpeoplemovers.com.au. We might have a few great options for you.

Happy hunting!

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ID10657. Incredibly rare 300 series AWD E51 in harlequin black. On deposit, thank you Olga, Port Douglas. In Japan, coming 19/10/2021

What Makes Series 3 So Special?

While Elgrand S1(2002-2004) is notoriously unreliable, series 2 (2005-2007) is a bit better, yet still not 100%. Series 3 (Nov 2007- July 2010) is a perfect machine. It's like Japanese temper, hardly ever broken.

Superb in handling, fantastic reliability (if you buy w genuine mileage, keep reading), better on petrol, upgraded cabin and a few cool extra features such as 360 cameras (on most of them) and drop down DVD plays PAL videos.

300 series is the latest and the greatest updated model of E51 S3. Only 9 months in production: Nov 2009 to July 2010. How can you tell? Look at the black leather seats - the contrasting white stitch on the edge comes only on 300 series.


Many Australian importer car yards and private sellers fool prospective buyers either by illegally tampering odometers or buying low and accident grade cars in Japan and selling them here as high quality imports at premium prices.

This dishonest activity is designed to maximise their profits.

Here's an EXPRESS CHECK you should do before placing a deposit:

Ask to view:

✅ Vehicle Auction Report

✅ ORIGINAL Export Certificate

✅ Picture of pink COMPLIANCE PLATE attached to the car.

This will help you to match VIN number of the car and verify its mileage and auction grade. If a seller refuses to send/show even one those three, then they're hiding something and you're better off not touching this car.

Auction grades to avoid: R, RA (accident) and D for bad interior.

Want to know more? We help explain the important MILEAGE VERIFICATION process for you on our YouTube and on our website. Enquire here and I'll send you the link.

Our cars NEVER have their mileages tampered with and buy only good auction grade cars. We always pass on the ORIGINAL UNDOCTORED Japanese paperwork to new owners.

Buying elsewhere and having doubts? Send us the VIN and we’ll do a check for you. FREE of charge.

Over 180 of our Google reviews are 5 stars. Here's one from Maria (Northern Rivers, NSW):

Can't say thanks enough to Best People Movers and specially Natalia Trofimenko for an opportunity of becoming an Elgrand Mum! This lady is "power house " that doesn't take no for answer if it's means any inconvenience for the customer! Customer Service is everything for Natalia and I can't fault my experience in any way with the purchase of the dream car. From the first phone call to delivery to my front door Natalia has been reliable, efficient, understanding, down to earth, selfless human being!!! Thank you Best People Movers ❤
  • Black
  • 111,357 kms
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