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Honesty Is King

We believe that you don’t need to be loaded with money to own an upmarket family car.

Lifestyle minivans made in Japan are unique, fully optioned, reliable, fun to drive, yet so affordable. They rock!

We also believe that honesty is king.

In the list below, you won’t find any fake "low mileage" cars with worn out seats that scream, “I was clocked back”. You also won't find accident grade (R or RA) vehicles that start falling apart as soon as you bring them home.

Rather than going big (with high running costs and an average/ poor quality product), we made our choice to stay small and invest all our money into premium quality cars so you can have years of stress free ownership and maximum enjoyment.

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ID10517. Very clean 2011 MMC Delica D5 Chamonix , 2,4L petrol, 4wd, 8 seats, 4C grade, dual auto doors. 3 cameras (front, side and reverse). Coming 31st of July.




Many Australian importer car yards and private sellers fool prospective buyers either by illegally tampering odometers or buying low and accident grade cars in Japan and selling them here as high quality imports at premium prices.

This dishonest activity is designed to maximise their profits.

Here's an EXPRESS CHECK you should do before placing a deposit:

Ask to view

1. Vehicle Auction Report

2. picture of ORIGINAL Export Certificate

3. picture of pink COMPLIANCE PLATE attached to the car.

This will help you to match VIN number of the car and verify its mileage and auction grade. If a seller refuses to send/show even one those three, then they're hiding something and you're better off not touching this car.

Auction grades to avoid: R, RA (accident) and D for bad interior.

Want to know more? We help explain the important MILEAGE VERIFICATION process for you on our YouTube and on our website. Enquire here and I'll send you the link.

Our cars NEVER have their mileages tampered with and buy only good auction grade cars. We always pass on the ORIGINAL UNDOCTORED Japanese paperwork to new owners.

Buying elsewhere and have doubts? Send us the VIN and we’ll do a check for you. FREE of charge.

We have over one hundred 5 Star Google reviews. Here's one from Suan in Sydney's Shire (July 2020):

Got a nice and clean Mitsubishi Delica D5 with the help of Natalia from Best People Movers. They provide awesome service and support through the entire process. This is how the process looked like in my case.

Each car which we tried to look at before auctioning in Japan was physically inspected and Natalia was sending me pictures straight away. Also for each car she was checking original Japanese rego paperwork to make sure that car's mileage grows continuously and hence is genuine. That allowed to filter out all the bad or suspicious variants.

Ultimately the way she was doing all pre-auction checks made me to feel very safe and confident when finally auctioning the car.

The entire process took 6 weeks. First two or three weeks we spent just checking different variants that come up on Japanese auctions. Where I was pretty much just watching pictures that Natalia was sending me from time to time and reading her comments about the cars condition. And she was doing all the work for finding variants on the Japanese auctions and sending people to inspect the cars.

After the car was finally chosen and purchased on the auction it took the rest two or three weeks to get it into Australia, make all the compliance and present it to me in a final shiny outlook.

Definitely recommend Best People Movers for anyone who wants to import a Japanese car and to feel safe and confident about their choice and auctioning process. Keep up the great service guys and all the best!
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  • 110,095 kms
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