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Why Importing by Custom Order is the Best Option for You

If you’re like me, then, my friend, you’re into affordable family cars that you can ENJOY not ENDURE (this is where all Japanese imports come in handy) and, most likely, you want something specific.

It could be an Elgrand E51 2010 … this model performs best, its seats are even comfier than early series 3 and that fine white stitch on black leather? Sublime! (It also indicates you own a unique machine with less than 9 months in production)

Or perhaps, you want a top Estima Aeras S3 with dual sunroofs + eight seats, since you’re close with your extended family and your parents join you for a ride every weekend.

However, once you go on a search for this car-you-can’t-live-without, you can’t spot the exact match for months on end.

You go online and check Carsales, Gumtree, and Drive. You spend the precious hours of your weekends browsing big car yards, only to return home empty handed.

Custom Order


Zilch. Nothing. Zero.

There might be a close match, but either the color is wrong, or the car is worn out or there is that cigarette smell that you can’t stand.

Then you start checking private ads online, it’s a bit dodgy (there’s no warranty … and people that sell fresh imports privately are twisting the law by evading taxes).

Still nothing. It is very annoying because you know that model is available at the auctions in Japan and allowed for import into Australia.

Finally, you see it one day. It's perfect. It is the exact match… but the price is too steep because its mileage is too low (and is it even genuine mileage?).

Sounds familiar? Then you definitely need to think about importing by custom order. Download our Free PDF “7 Steps to a Successful Import by Order” and find out now how to get the car of your dreams.

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Your JDM addict

P.S. I have 100% success rate with import by a custom order. By “success” I mean happy beaming customers when they come to test drive their dream car and pick it up.

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